5 Shared Inbox Best Practices For Teams

A shared inbox for teams makes sense for a lot of organizations. However, it’s important that you make sense of the incoming email as well as identifying who has touched what emails. There are some best practices to implement for your team so that a shared inbox doesn’t become a nightmare.

New Feature: Automated Call Tagging In Threads

One of the most useful but often overlooked features in CRMs is the ability to tag records to enable you to search, filter and sort your records. But tagging records can be a time consuming manual process meaning that records can go ‘untagged’ and consequently won’t appear when you search for a specific tag. Our new automatic call tagging feature in Threads solves this problem.

5 Tools to Reduce Time Spent on CRM Data Entry

According to a recent report conducted by HubSpot, 27% of people who work in sales are spending over an hour a day on data entry work instead of selling. This means critical time is lost to administrative work. But there are now a number of tools available that can be used in conjunction with traditional CRM’s to make this job easier. In this post, we look at some of the best tools to reduce CRM data entry.

Threads Phone Call Ingestion - A Primer

In this post we explain a little about business telephone systems and how Threads ingests phone calls so that they may be replayed and transcribed (using ASR) at will. A key feature of Threads call ingestion is that it happens transparently to the user and is totally independent of the telephone system in use. As a result, the Threads subscriber is not tied to one particular business telephone system manufacturer nor to require special software or plug-ins. We also discuss how calls may be ingested from landline and mobile networks.

Threads integrates email into HubSpot

Threads is thrilled to announce the launch of it’s new HubSpot integration which it believes will make the onboarding process for new and existing HubSpot customers even easier.

Threads works by automatically syncing past and future emails from any email service, directly into HubSpot - even when the user isn’t logged in. 

Threads and OrecX Press Release: Forget about Alexa, Threads finally transforms speech recognition from gimmick into useful business tool

While speech recognition appears to have gone mainstream with products like Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, phone call transcription has hitherto been the preserve of corporate call centres. But things are about to change now that London-based Threads has teamed up with OrecX - who has the world’s largest installed base of open source call recording systems - to provide a low-cost practical business solution.

€20 million is a lot of money - SMEs and the GDPR.

Since starting my summer internship two weeks ago, I’ve Googled more acronyms than I ever thought possible. One, in particular, the GDPR, appears time and time again. I've found the way in which GDPR effects, specifically smaller, enterprises, particularly engaging. GDPR compliance then, although seemingly mundane, presents an interesting study relevant not only to my internship, but also my degree, particularly in regards to my study of economic geographies.

We’ve done it: Threads® now lets you search your scanned attachments AND phone calls - yes, phone calls.

Our aim for Threads Message Hub was always to be able to search any kind of digital message from anyone to anyone - not just emails but their attachments, texts (SMS), Skype calls, Tweets and most ambitiously, telephone conversations. Well, we've done it. We are pleased to report that have our first incarnations of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in beta test.

2.9 billion reasons why email isn’t going away

According to a Radicati report, key statistics show 2.5 billion active email users were exchanging a staggering 244 billion emails a day in 2015. The number of email users projected for 2019 is 2.9 billion.

So much for the death of email at the hands of social media! What is going on?