Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Speech Recognition to Catch Up

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is one of those technologies you either love or hate. Sadly, a large number of businesses (mainly financial institutions) have decided it’s cheaper to get a computer to answer the telephone than to pay a human, and undoubtedly this generates the most hate.. Read more on why you shouldn’t wait for speech recognition to catch up.

PRESS RELEASE: Threads becomes a HubSpot Connect Beta Integrator

Threads Software Limited announced that it has joined HubSpot as a Connect Beta Integrator. HubSpot, a leading growth platform, works with Connect integrators to help grow their business through listing and marketing and distribution resources to increase shared customers. Connect Beta Integrators are independent software vendors who have built an integration with HubSpot and been accepted to the Connect Beta Program.

Why We Automatically Log And Transcribe All Of Our Business Calls (And Why You Should Be Doing The Same)

If you are only logging your written communications with your customers then you are only seeing 50% of the meaningful communications your company is having with your customers and suppliers. This is because the telephone remains a key method of communication between businesses and the outside world and it’s the reason why we routinely log all our telephone conversations with our customers. Read on to discover why your business should be doing the same and how to do it.

What Our Messages Tell Us About Our Behaviour

The quality and accuracy of speech-to-text transcriptions will vary according to the contextual information input. But as well as improving the speech recognition performance, the context of a conversation can also be used to analyse behaviour which can provide critical business intelligence to your sales and marketing teams.

4 Reasons You Can’t Find That Important Email

Have you ever been frustrated because you can’t find an email that you know should be in your email client? And even when you use the search function, you end up with so many search results that you end up having to read through hundreds of emails just to find one you want?

We’ve all been there. And it’s no surprise to find that employees waste up to 12 hours a week trawling their email inboxes. This might sound like a lot but even this is a conservative estimate.  

So why are emails so difficult to search?  

Phone Call Transcription on Demand

It is difficult to imagine how many business users would be able to cope without being able to search their emails but once they start using Threads, they soon wonder how they ever coped without being able to search their phone calls. However, the costs of automatic speech recognition can rack up if all calls are being transcribed. In this post, we discuss the new “transcription on demand” feature of Threads which enables users to transcribe just the calls they want.

Email Transparency Articles & Resources For Companies

Companies thinking about making email transparent for employees within their organization may need some inspiration to make the leap. This transition will allow your team to build the trust and transparency your business needs to be successful. In this article, we gather some of the best resources around email transparency to provide a holistic view of a shared inbox

4 Ways Call Transcription Can Boost Your Sales

Call transcription is fast becoming a must-have tool for sales teams to enable them to close more sales and collaborate better. It allows sales reps to focus on the call in hand without being distracted by writing notes or worrying that key details will be forgotten. Here are 4 more ways in which call transcription can help your company boost sales.